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About us

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Linux bash终端设置代理(proxy)访问 - 爱E族:2021-12-11 · Linux bash终端设置代理(proxy)访问 - Linux是开源操作系统,有很多软件包需要从国外网站上下载,而其中大部分国外网站是被墙的,这时我们需要通过代理来访问这些网站。下面我们介绍Linux bash shell终端代理设置方法,包括socks代理,http ...

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What we do


Helping people develop their skills to get into a job, progress on the job and move onto the next job 

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Working with us


Working with businesses, training centres, and governments to help economies grow

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C# HttpWebRequest 如何实现SOCKET5代理:2021-10-16 · C# 实现Socket5代理协议通讯 这里主要讲的是用.NET实现基于Socket5下面的代理协议进行客户端的通讯,Socket4的实现是类似的,注意的事,这里不是讲用C#实现一个代理服务器,因为实现一个代理服务器需要实现很多协议,头大,而且现在市面上 ...

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Our latest research


Read our latest research ‘Recovery and Resilience’ which urges the Government to redirect skills funding to help people back into employment.

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Annual Report 2019

City & Guilds Group Annual Report 2017

We are pleased to present the City & Guilds Group Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2018/2019.

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Our latest news


The City & Guilds Group acquires largest UK railway training provider, Intertrain

The acquisition strengthens City & Guilds Group’s technical training, assessment and certification offer to the engineering, rail and construction industries, following the acquisition of Gen2 in May 2017.

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Read our latest research ‘Missing Millions’ which considers the UNDERemployment of millions of working age people in the UK today.

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The Princess Royal and City & Guilds Group honour outstanding workplace training in 2019

We are delighted to announce that 48 workplace learning programmes have been recognised for an award in 2019 across areas including health & wellbeing, leadership, preventative training and apprenticeships.

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